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Welcome students and potential donors!

At Glendale Community College, we are committed to providing outstanding academic programs and student services to help our students reach their educational goals. A major aspect of GCC’s efforts to promote student success is our extensive scholarship program, the largest of any community college in California. Whether you are an incoming, continuing, or transferring student, we may have a scholarship just for you. Read on to learn more, and you may be the recipient of one of the hundreds of scholarships awarded to Glendale Community College students every year.

Scholarships Live Zoom Support by Appointment ONLY
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Fall 2023 Scholarship Recipients:

Osher Scholarship: Magali Lira, Jahrique Lowe, Samer El Batal, Cesar Avila, Cassandra Zirkelbach, Narine Harutyunyan, Lloyd Pumphrey, Patricia Gil, Alberto Huerta, Tristan Morgan, Gohar Boroya, Candyjo Dahlstrom, Betty Chaljian, Nicole Cummings.

ASGCC Scholarship: Lilit Arakelyan, Alexandra Ghasabyan, Subhitsha Sridhar, Emily Mardirousi, Krystal Pineda, Luca De Cooman, Linnea Brostrom, Daniel Xu, Cesar Rugama Marenco, Tina Sepetjian, Narine Harutyunyan, Liparit Hambardzumyan, Maria Ramos

Golden Globe Foundation Film & Television Scholarship
Brian Fagan, Thomas Greenough, Alex Hall, Daria Kuzmina, Malena Wilson

Golden Globe Foundation Filmmaker Scholarship
Subhitsha Sridhar, CandyJoe Dahlstrom